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UCnet.com is a proud member of the University City community.
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UCnet.com The University City Network provides e-mail marketing and website/graphic design services to merchants and service providers in and around the University City & Center City, Philadelphia area.  

UCnet.com was started in 1997 and now maintains a member database of more than 75,000 members.  The students, faculty and staff of Penn, Drexel and USP account for approximately 55,000 of these members.  The rest are area workers and residents of the University City and Center City area.

These members receive our email messages every week.  They subscribe to our service to keep informed of the best dining, retail, art & entertainment and social events in the area.

Mailing Address:
4106 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
James Sim
President & Founder - UCnet.com
UCnet.com - The University City Network

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