UCnet.com - The University City Network UCnet.com Email Policies and Procedures

UCnet.com Email Policies and Procedures

UCnet.com sends commercial email advertisements to a database of approximately 50,000 recipients. These email messages promote University City and Center City area businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups. These messages are sent on a weekly basis. UCnet.com began operation in October 1997.

UCnet.com only wants to send its messages to individuals who want to receive them. As a result, UCnet.com makes no effort to conceal the origin, content or purpose of any message it sends.

All messages from UCnet.com are clearly labeled as such. No attempt is made to hide the source of the message. Each message contains the name, address, phone number, fax number, website address, and a valid return address for UCnet.com.

The recipient of the email message is also clearly labeled. Every message includes the recipient's name (first and last) and the full email address to which the message has been sent. Each recipient is also assigned a unique UCnet.com ID number, which is also included in the message. This ID number can also be used to uniquely identify the recipient.

Opt-out Procedure (also see sample footer below)
Every message sent by UCnet.com contains a clearly stated "Opt-Out" procedure which informs the recipient how to be removed from the UCnet.com mailing list. This removal is permanent. In fact, multiple "Opt-Out" modalities are provided:
1, A hyperlink link to the UCnet.com Remove From Database page (http://www.ucnet.com/remove/) is provided. Within this hyperlink, the recipient's first name, last name, email address and UCnet.com ID number are embedded so that when the recipient clicks on the link this information is automatically entered into the Remove From Database form. This information may also be entered manually.
2, The email address remove@ucnet.com is also provided for the recipient. If the recipient forwards the received message to this address, they will be removed from the UCnet.com database.
3, The recipient may contact UCnet.com via the clearly posted phone or fax numbers, or they may send a letter via US Mail to our mailing address.
Prompt Removal
UCnet.com sends email messages for its clients on a weekly basis. All requests for removal from the UCnet.com mailing list are honored before the next weekly mailing is sent.
UCnet.com does not sell, rent or lease its database to anyone. This includes any individual who has elected to be removed from the UCnet.com mailing list.
Centralized Opt-Out Procedure
UCnet.com provides electronic marketing services for dozens of companies. However, every email sent by UCnet.com provides the recipient the option to be excluded from mailings sent by any and all other current and future UCnet.com clients.
Standardized Opt-Out Footer
This footer is included in every message sent by UCnet.com.
This footer has been designed to facilitate the prompt removal of any individual who wishes to be excluded from the UCnet.com mailing list.

UCnet.com promotes businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations in the University City area.

If you do not wish to receive future announcements from UCnet simply click on the removal link below:

If this link does not function please forward this entire message to:
  and you will be removed from our mailing list.
Be sure to include ALL of the information listed below:
[[Fname]] [[Lname]] 
UCnet ID #: [[IDnum]]  [[Email]]

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